Luca Chiavinato

(Lute / Theorbo)

Luca Chiavinato, Lutanist, began his studies on classical guitar to then dedicate himself entirely to the lute (Renaissance and Baroque), and sixteenth- to eighteenth-century plucked string instruments.

He graduated from the A. Pedrollo Conservatory in Vicenza under the tutelage of T. Stone. He studied at the Hochschule fur die Alte Musike in Trossingen with R. Lislevand. He continued his specialization under the guidance of T. Bagnati, F. Torellli, N. North. H. Smith, E. Equez, R. Cicero, M. D’Agosto and J. Lindberg (Fondazione Giorgio Cini Scholarship, Venice).

He performs concerts extensively as a soloist and in duets with violinist Silvia Rinaldi. He has performed in Italy, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Tunisia, Thailand and Japan. As founder of the Ensemble La Rhètorique, dedicated to the rediscovery of chamber music for Baroque lute, he is an active soloist who practices chamber and orchestral pedogogy.

He has appeared in numerous audio and video recordings such as I.M.C. Music Publisher and Universal in Tokyo.

He also collaborates with the theater company Bel Teatro in Padua performing the music with original instruments in early theater productions.

Luca is a lute and guitar instructor at the Accademia di Musica Antica of the Centro di Educazione Musicale L.V. Beethoven at the Liceo Scientifico (High School) E. Fermi in Padua, Italy.

Trad. Mrs Elizaberth Carrolls